Swiss demographic actors gather at plenary meeting of A+Platform

The Institut Alter has participated in the second plenary meeting of the cross-sectional initiative “A+ Swiss Platform Ageing Society”.

The partner organisations of the “A+ Swiss Platform Ageing Society”, all actors concerned with demographic change, have developed various work packages. The status of these different work packages was presented in the morning session of the plenary meeting, which took place in Bern on 4 April 2019. The themes of these work packages include the perception of older age and ageing in society, the development of a concept for measuring, rating and providing instruments for the measurement of quality of life, scaling models for age-friendly environments and digital education for older adults.

In the afternoon, participants gathered at the University of Bern for a collaborative workshop in the World Café format. The topics of this workshop included the promotion of a differentiated reflection on ageing, the creation of age-friendly environments, the promotion of measurement, monitoring and research, and the strategic and organizational goals of the platform.  

The “A+ Swiss Platform Ageing Society” is an open, cross-sectional initiative through which the Swiss academies of arts and sciences aim to enable a continuous exchange between all actors dealing with demographic change (55 partner organisations as of September 2018). In its role as facilitator, the “A+ Swiss Platform Ageing Society” fosters the collaboration between research and practice, the development of joint project initiatives and the ties between international and national initiatives.

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